Demonstrative Interventions Renewable Energy in Andros

New Job Opportunities

RES investments create a significant number of new working places, especially in local level.
  • For an installed capacity of 50 MW in wind parks, it is demanded 600-900 work months in the building phase and 13-16 permanently employees in the operation phase, most of them (50-100%) are local.
  • For an installed capacity of 5 MW small hydro production, 50 persons are required for 1,5 year of building phase and 6 - 10 16 permanently employees in operation / maintenance phase.
  • For the installation of 50 MW photovoltaic, according to RES PPC SA 150 persons are required in the building phase and 30 new working places!
  • They can be, in many cases, the core for financial and social development of deprived areas and pole for the promotion of relevant investments (e.g. greehhouse cultivation with the use of geothermal energy).

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