Demonstrative Interventions Renewable Energy in Andros


  • Biomass: Biomass is the result of the photosynthetic activity which transform the solar energy through a herbal organism into electricity.
  • Hydro Energy: Small hydroelectric plants ( up to 10 MW capacity) use the rain in order to produce electricity.
  • Wind Energy: The kinetic energy which is produced from the wind power is transformed into electricity.
  • Solar Energy, which includes:
    • Energetic Solar Systems: They transform solar energy into heat.
    • Bioclimatic design and passive solar systems: They consist of architectural solution and use of appropriate materials for the benefits’ maximization of sun for heating, cooling and lighting
    • Photovoltaic Solar Systems: They transform the solar energy into electricity.
  • Geothermal Energy: Geothermal Energy comes from earth kai is included in natural steams, in surface or beneath surface hot waters and in hot dry fossils.
  • Hydrogen: Hydrogen is 90% of the universe and will be a new fuel which will be used in the future.

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