Demonstrative Interventions Renewable Energy in Andros

Winning with RES

  • They are inexhaustible energy sources and contribute to the reduction in dependency from conventional energy sources.
  • They answer to the energy problem for the reduction of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse effects gases. Additionally, substituting the conventional power plants lead to the reduction of polluters which for example cause the acid rain.
  • They are local energy sources and contribute to the energy independency and security of the energy supply in national level.
  • They are geographically scattered and lead to decentralization of the energy system, giving the possibility to cover the energy demand in local level, reducing significantly the transmission losses. 
  • They provide the rational exploitation of energy sources, covering a wide range of energy needs (e.g. solar energy for heating in areas with low temperatures , wind energy for electricity production).
  • They have a low operational cost and are not affected by the volatilities of the international; economy and the prices of conventional fuels.

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