Demonstrative Interventions Renewable Energy in Andros

What is it about

Project Design

For the implementation of this project, the interventions, which were chosen, are well known and contribute in the achievement of the purposes of the program in the most secure and efficient way. All the interventions were designed with the use of the most modern tools. All the equipment and materials bear the most strict and modern technical specifications.

The project was designed in a such way so it will upgrade the aesthetics of the island and will demonstrate the special identity and characteristics of the island. This will turn Andros into a core of creation, development and equality whilst it will provide significant resources saving to the Municipality.

It was chosen the energy upgrade of well known places in Andros with direct impact to citizens, visitors, tourists, who are the vital part for the creation of a meaningful energy and environmental consciousness!

In combination with the design of publicity and dissemination activities this project is expected to have the maximum results concerning the awareness of the public.

Project Identity

The Project “Indicative Renewable Energy Sources (RES) interventions in island of Andros” is funded by the Program of European Economic Area (EEA Grants) and the sections GR - 03 «Renewable Energy Sources».

The total budget of the project is 914.449.86 Euro!

The project of Andros is consisted of the following sub-projects:

  • Provision and installation of a) Off grid PV system with 50 KWp nominal capacity in the Biological Cleaning Infrastructure in KOrthi Andros, b) Off Grid PV lights in Chora Andros.
  • Provision and Installation of a) Electrical Vehicles and b) Off Grid charging stations with PV.
  • Provision and Installation of Metering System for the monitoring of the project results.
  • Provision of special support services for the scientific monitoring, the training, the dissemination and awareness activities of the results.
  • Bilateral Relationships of Andros with Donor Countries for EEA Grants 2009-14/GR-03
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