Demonstrative Interventions Renewable Energy in Andros

What is exactly utilized

Cover of electricity needs

  1. Installation of off grid PV lights in Chora, Andros: The replacement of the public lights within the limits of Chora is utilized with new modern technology lights with integrated PVs. Furthermore, the public sees the applications of RES Technologies and understands its great benefits, helping so that similar actions to be taken in Andros.
    More specific, eighty four (84) lights are replaced with off grid lights with LED bulb with 25W power. The installation of the off grid lights will take place following all the regulations and restrictions.
  2. Installation of off grid PV system with nominal capacity of 50 kWp in biological cleaning infrastructure in Korthi.: This action is a pioneer application of RES in a very critical infrastructure of Andros. This action will reduce significantly the operational cost and this reduction will pass to citizens. These infrastructures are very energy consuming and this cost will keep raising as more citizens will connect with the biological cleaning system.
Electrical Vehicles with solar power

Andros is a pioneer regarding the provision of electrical vehicles in public sector. The electrical vehicles will move only with the use of solar power. The vehicles that Andros will have are the following:
  • 1 electrical mini bus for 14 persons.
  • 3 electrical cars for 5 people. 
  • 6 electrical trucks with total volume of 600 lt for material transportation.
The vehicles will be powered by the solar charging stations which will be installed in the High school of Gavrio and in the Parking  of Chora.
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