Demonstrative Interventions Renewable Energy in Andros

Vision and Benefits for the citizen and visitor!


Through this project, Andros targets the creation of principles for the introduction of a new development concept, which will be based on the demonstrative impact of the project and in its cumulative benefits which will create as it represents the model of “Green Development”.  

Following the examples of similar efforts abroad, through the pioneer design and concept of this project, the island of Andros expects the promotion of its special characteristics as well as the familiarization of its citizens and tourists with these modern practices.

The exploitation of RES and Energy Efficiency Technologies is an one way road for the island as the sun, the wind and the geothermal energy it has can assure energy independence, low cost electricity and low cost drinking water from the sea desalination!


  • Exploitation of the thermal and electrical energy produced by RES Technologies and significant reduction in CO2 Emissions which leads to the reduction of the operational cost of Andros.
  • The green and demonstrative character of the project in Andros, as well as the expected publicity, will effect positively the green entrepreneurship as it creates a well established environment in an island region.
  • Improvement of the living conditions as the project upgrades the infrastructure od Andros.
  • Upgrade of the aesthetics of Andros as it is provided the accessibility in modern transportation vehicles which integrate new areas of economic development in combination with the improvement of the micro climate of the area.
  • The results will contribute in the national targets for the climate change.
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